Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Restaurant: Sharon Garden

Rating: 3.5

I liked that they have a bell to call for service and another button to ask for the bill. Unlike some restaurants, someone actually shows up soon after the bell is pressed. The restaurant is quite large. We had a big group and were in our own section so we never felt rushed.

I had the jajangmyun and dumpling combo. I always wanted to try jajangmyun again. Once upon a time, I did not have a good experience with this dish. However, I keep seeing that people love this dish (on Korean variety shows anyways) and wondered if I just had a bad memory. Since it was available in half portion, I figured now would be a good time to try it.

And I'm glad I chose it. I did enjoy it and I do think a half portion was good enough. As I got to the end of the dish, I found that it was a little too much to eat this dish on its own. I liked having the dumplings to balance out the flavours. Otherwise, it would probably feel like a never ending dish of the same flavour and I would probably get sick of it before I reached the end.

While I enjoyed my dish, my friends who had any of the stews found it a bit bland so I think it could be a hit or miss depending on the dish you choose.

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