Thursday, December 17, 2015

Restaurant: Moxie's

Rating: 3

With a group of 15 people, my friend had made a reservation ahead of time. I got there a few minutes early with a few other friends. We were led to a table which was occupied. The hostess seemed confused and went back to check if they were just waiting for these customers to leave. We were there waiting on the side for about 15 minutes in front of this table which was near the kitchen. I finally went back to the front to check what was going on and saw that some of my other friends had arrived. It turns out they were told that the table is being set up and we were forgotten behind. Not a good start to dinner.

After waiting for quite a while longer, we were finally seated. We had two servers for our tables but they had not split the table amongst themselves so there was some confusion when we were ordering since they thought each other had asked certain people already.

The food also came out after a long wait. However, this is understandable since we had a large group. I had the herbed chicken alfredo. There was a good portion of sauce sitting at the bottom of the plate but the top was slightly dry. The penne at the top was much better after being mixed into the sauce. I really liked the creamy sauce. The chicken was in small bite size pieces and flavourful. Overall, I enjoyed the food.

After we were done eating, we were not given the dessert menu until much later. The servers didn't come back until 15+ min later to take orders. When dessert was done and it was time for the bill, it wasn't a surprise that both getting the bill and paying took forever. For big groups, 18% tip is automatically applied.

I was disappointed overall by my experience at Moxie's. I felt that the staff were confused and the service was just very slow. This seemed consistent across the different employees that i encountered. I did enjoy my food but for larger groups, I would not recommend coming here.

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