Thursday, November 26, 2015

Restaurant: Joon's

Rating: 4/5

Joon's is a Korean restaurant that specializes in table cooking. You can spot it's orange sign on Yonge street near Yonge and Sheppard. This is very close to Sheppard station on the subway. It also seems like there is parking at the back since we saw many people come through the back doors. Upon arriving at 6:45pm, the restaurant was about half filled with customers. We were seated promptly and served with water.

The dak galbi is popular here. With any of the table cooking dishes, you have to order at least two portions of the entree. With a group of four, we ordered three portions of the dak galbi with rice cake, vegetables, noodles and sweet potatoes along with four bowls of rice. We ordered it with the Joon's spice level. I usually order it with cheese but opted out this time. This was more than enough for us (two males and two females).

It took quite a while before we were served our food. This is because they cooked it inside and just served the pan to us, rather than having it cook in front of us with a portable stove. This meant that the dish started cooling down a bit through our meal. There were also four side dishes - potato, radish, broccoli and kimchi. The dak galbi was delicious with a good mix of all the items. I did find that that it was not as spicy as it was in the past. There was still a kick to it since I reached out to my water a couple of times.

Dak Galbi
It did get busier through the night, and that's when it was hard to get any service. It took a few tries before we were able to get more water. It also took a bit of time to get our bill but you can tell that the employees were trying to work quickly. I do enjoy the food here and order the dak galbi every time that I am back.

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